Keeping it Consistent

Annual Report FINAL VERSION 7-31-15 Print ReadyTrying to keep a consistent look for your business or event can be a challenge.

It requires managing everything from photography, colors, shapes, sizes, and fonts. These things are the building blocks of a brand and unified message. Once these building blocks get in the hands of numerous people all chaos can break loose. (similar in style to dumping a box of Legos all over the floor)

Digital Fridge recently consulted with the Washington County Economic Development Council to develop a consistent look and message for their marketing campaign as well as their Annual Meeting. The theme for both the campaign and the Annual meeting was “Helping Build Your Story”. Digital Fridge started by producing videos highlighting the stories of local business owners and employees who enjoy working and living in Johnson City and Washington County, TN.

The next step was to develop a printed Annual Report then a powerpoint presentation and additional videos that would be used to highlight award recipients at the Annual Meeting.

The challenge was to keep a consistent look and message through all of these pieces while they were being produced over a 8 month period.

Here are the results.