Double Shot – Video Production

The steam rises from your cup as the near boiling water is forced through finely ground fresh coffee beans and then drips into the bottom of your favorite mug (never mind kids arguing and the dog barking in the background at the crack of dawn). It is a morning ritual that once got you motivated to face the day. However, that jolt of caffeine that once lasted all the way to lunch time now seems to dwindle by mid morning. The normal dose of espresso no longer does the trick and a double shot of espresso now becomes a necessity in order to accomplish your daily tasks.

In the same way, you can no longer rely on just one form of media to communicate your company or organization’s message. Digital Fridge recently worked with Milligan College in order to communicate their message to the people who support their scholarships and academics. These people represent a broad range of demographics.

Direct Mailer
Direct mail piece from Milligan College

Milligan lead off their campaign with a well produced direct mail piece that featured a photo of several students on the front cover. Inside, the card explained how each person’s gift can make a difference in the life of a student. At the bottom of the card were specific instructions on how to make a gift to the college’s scholarship fund. As nice as this card was it wasn’t going to accomplish all that Milligan wanted to accomplish for their campaign.

“In the world of advancement, we are finding that there is a growing need for a multi-channel approach to fundraising. With so many messages competing for a potential donor’s attention, it’s important to reinforce one’s message often and in different ways.” stated Rhajon Smith, Director of Development at Milligan College.

Milligan’s solution and their version of a double shot of espresso took the form of several videos. The videos featured a student talking about the difference that Milligan has made in their life. The students talked about how Milligan has played an important role in their plans upon graduation. Each student gave a heartfelt thank you to the people who helped support them through scholarships during their time as a student.

Smith added, “We felt that a short video, with an impactful message, would help resonate the need for scholarship and program support. It also conveys a student’s heartfelt appreciation in a genuine and powerful way. Being able to see and hear these messages via video can have so much more impact than the written word alone. Video captures emotion and need like no other medium.”

“The videos produced by Digital Fridge were a great compliment to the other pieces being utilized in our fundraising efforts. Kyle was able to capture our vision and mission and help us communicate this with our various audiences.“

So when you are thinking about communicating your company or organization’s message don’t forget a double shot of espresso and video can help you.

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