Colossus-Bristol Motor Speedway

Over the last several weeks Digital Fridge has been working to document the installation of “Colossus” at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Colossus is the world’s largest outdoor center-hung four-sided video screen. The main structure is approximately the same size as a 3 story office building and weighs over 164,000lbs.

In order to lift the main support structure seven cranes had to be used. Four cranes were used to actually lift the structure and 3 more cranes were used to lift workers who connected the structure to the support cables. Each cable measures between 640-660 feet in length and weigh an estimated 30,000 pounds. Each screen has more than 18 million pixels. The total weight of screens, cables, and support structure is close to 700 tons.

Here are a few images of the process. To see Colossus as a finished project you will have to have a seat at the race on April 17th.