Video Streaming Packages

Video streaming allows you to view a video online as it downloads. That means that viewers can watch it live. This means you can receive immediate feedback and see instantaneous results from your call to action.

Streaming Video Benefits:

Reach a wider audience
Stream video anywhere in the world with internet access
Viewable on most mobile devices
Drive action and achieve results faster
Eliminate need and cost of a studio
Easy setup on site at your location
Generate more visual excitement from your existing web site and its services
Encourage more community participation in your web site
Host online meetings, live announcements, or other events that will promote your services or products

Streaming Video Packages Include:

Onsite setup and production (includes all lighting, camera and audio equip.)
1 or 2 camera setup
1/2 day and full day rates
Setup of online video stream channel
Video recording/archiving
Embedded Player
Player Link
Branded Players (promotes your current branding)

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